Writing Your Wedding Vows: Tips & Inspiration

As you sit down to attempt to sum up all your love, dreams and promises to your partner in a few short minutes, think of it as a chance to tell your story and give guests a glimpse into your relationship!

If you sit down to write your vows and start having creative block, we are here to provide a source of inspiration.


  1. Don't wait until the last minute - your vows should be well thought out and not jotted down 15 minutes before you walk down the aisle on a hotel napkin!

  2. Make a list of all your thoughts and then write a few drafts. Pause and take some time in between editing your vows with a clear mind.

  3. Speak from the heart and add some personality. Don't be afraid to make your partner laugh and smile with your words.

  4. Get inspired by reading books, watching movies and listening to songs that remind you of your loved one!

  5. Practice reading out loud and add in pauses where appropriate. This way you don't rush through your vows and get the best reactions.

  6. Ask a trusted friend to listen and give advice. Make sure it's someone who will be honest and offer constructive criticism!

  7. Make sure you have a copy of your vows on the wedding day. Give a backup copy to your officiant just in case.

  8. Keep your vows a secret! Getting an authentic reaction from your partner will make the moment that much more special.


  1. Those 3 little words. Be sure to add an "I love you" in there somewhere.

  2. Communicate your intent. "...through sickness and health, good times and bad times, and for richer or poorer."

  3. Keep it real. Share personal stories and don't be afraid to share the highs and the lows.

  4. Make promises. This is a serious commitment you're making in front of a whole lot of witnesses.

  5. Acknowledge the support you'll need from family and friends. They are there to celebrate your marriage, but also to support your marriage journey.

We hope you find this information helpful when trying to find the right words to express your love.


Maryssa Souza

Owner | Lead Planner

Save the Date! Weddings & Events

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