Vendor Spotlight: Marielle Hayes Photography

Who is Marielle Hayes Photography?

Hi! I am Marielle Hayes and I am an award winning wedding photographer in the Bay Area. I offer wedding photography that is timeless and I love to capture all the love, joy, laughter and happiness from your wedding day.

Tell us a little about yourself! What is your personal / professional background and why did you start this business?

I have been a wedding photographer for 15 years and I've photographed 300+ weddings. I've been chosen as "Best of the Bay" in the Wedding Photography category for three years. Being a wedding photographer is a job that I am honored to have! I've always been an artistic person dabbling in everything from art to fashion design but photography has become the biggest passion in my life. I started my photography business and quickly fell in love with capturing weddings and it took off from there!

Other things about myself: I love Classic Rock music, nail polish and singing in the car. I love vintage clothing and Easter candy. I have three kids and have been married for 17 years. I am an easy going, fun and happy person!

Where are you located? Are you willing to travel for destination weddings?

I am located in the Bay Area in Oakland.

I love traveling for destination weddings! I've photographed weddings in Jamaica, Hawaii, Texas, Tennessee and all around the West Coast. I love photographing weddings near and far and I really believe that your wedding will be incredible no matter where you get married.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

When I can sneak the couple away during sunset. At that point they are finally married and they are so happy and carefree!

If you could give your couples one piece of advice about planning out their wedding day photography schedule, what would it be?

Give yourselves enough time! The more time you build into your schedule for photography, the more time you have for amazing photographs. You can't expect to have mind blowing photographs if you aren't willing to carve out time for them. I am always happy to talk with my couples to help them build the timeline for photos.

What are you thoughts on a First Look and pre-ceremony photos?

I truly believe that this is the best way to have a stress free wedding day. Having a first look helps you get rid of all the wedding day jitters. It's amazing to take pictures of the first look, family formals and bridal party photos before the wedding ceremony. That way once the ceremony is over, the couple, family and bridal party can go celebrate! I realize every wedding is different and not everyone wants a first look so I always talk to my clients to see what their exceptions are.

My job is to capture the wedding day that they have dreamed of, so if a first look isn't part of that dream, that's okay! We can work on a timeline that will still give you all the photographs you dream of!

What is your process when booking clients and what can couples expect when working with you?

Couples can expect to have a really fun time working with me. I feel like I do a good job making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, even people who claim to be awkward in photos. I make the process fun and painless. I do my best to capture the real, raw moments of your day from beginning to end. I am good at corralling large groups of guests for photos (a talent in itself!) I have an attention to detail and I am very professional. They can expect a memorable, easy experience in working with me.

I require a 50% retainer and a signed contract to reserve their wedding date. I would love to hop on the phone and chat about the couple's wedding plans and to answer any questions they may have for me.

One last tidbit from Marielle:

Selecting your wedding photographer is no easy job! I suggest choosing a wedding photographer whose work you love, but also who has a personality that you click with. You spend more time with your photographer than some of the other wedding vendors so make sure you like them!

I love this job and I will work hard to document each moment of your first day as a married couple.

How to get in touch with Marielle Hayes Photography:



Phone: 510-759-6833

Marielle brings such a fun and down to earth vibe to all of our events, making our couples feel extremely comfortable, while producing jaw dropping images from their most special day. We ADORE her, and she comes highly recommended by the Save the Date team, always.


Maryssa Souza

Owner | Planner

Save the Date! Weddings & Events

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