Intimate Dinner Parties: Decor & Planning

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

We love a good dinner party! Especially when it's themed. Who doesn't love a good themed party? Today we are touching on how to plan, decorate and execute a successful dinner party to impress!

Let's talk about the planning timeline first:

  1. Decide on the date, guest list and theme of your party!

  2. Plan your menu and the time you're able to commit to the party.

  3. Start a list where you can jot down ideas, recipes and guest list notes.

  4. Choose the cocktails and/or cocktails you'll be serving.

  5. Research and find decor that fits your theme.

  6. Put together the perfect background music playlist.

  7. Send invitations to guests.

  8. Make a detailed shopping list.

  9. Finish any DIY decor projects or place cards.

  10. Create a seating plan after receiving all RSVP's.

  11. Clean the house and get everything set for your fabulous evening!

Now here is some inspiration for your next dinner party!

Fall Themed Backyard Dinner Party: Top 3 photos by Stephanie Hopkins Photography & bottom 3 photos by Marielle Hayes Photography

Incorporate lots of candles and fall colors, rustic orange, reds, greenery and texture!

Vibrant Summer Dinner Party: Photos by Amy Jordan Photography

Colorful florals, votives and goblets, mix-matched pink and yellow napkins with a velvet texture, and vibrant taper candles!

Elegant Wine Country Dinner Party: Photos by Ashlyn Murphy Photography

Soft neutral colors with a pastel accent (in this case dusty blue!), roses and candles, lots and LOTS of romantic candlelight!

Beachy Backyard Dinner Party: Photos by CM Sours Photography

Driftwood, raw farmwood tables, natural earth elements, neutral florals and bistro chairs. We love the addition of the olive branches incorporated from the properties olive trees!


Maryssa Souza

Owner | Lead Planner

Save the Date

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