UTC Spotlight: Amanda Reid Designs & Calligraphers of Color

First of all, what is the UTC Spotlight?

At Save the Date we've taken action and started a new blog series called UTC aka Unity Through Community, where we will be highlighting businesses who are doing amazing things and deserve more recognition. If you want to nominate a business to be featured on our UTC series, please reach out to us at

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Today's UTC interview is with Amanda Reid who is the founder of Amanda Reid Designs & the Calligraphers of Color creative online community. In this interview, Amanda will walk us through each of her creative outlets, her professional background, why she started her business and how you can get involved!

Because this special human spends her time shining a light on everyone else, we have decided to shine a light on her because of the honorable action she took in starting Calligraphers of Color after noticing the lack of diversity and inclusion in the calligraphy industry. Through Amanda's online community, she gives people of all shades the opportunity to be seen, heard and celebrated for their incredible talents.

Thank you, Amanda, for all that you do. We encourage our friends reading this to go follow, like, comment, share, support and BUY @amandareiddesigns and @calligraphersofcolor

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What is the name of your business?

"Amanda Reid Designs"

About Amanda's business(es):

"Amanda Reid Designs is a design studio offering calligraphy services for the modern bride, luxury brands, and businesses based in Austin, Texas. ARD specializes in custom wedding/event signage, on-site calligraphy for brands and events, custom jackets, and merchandise.

Amanda Reid Designs also hosts a variety of fun, interactive workshops to teach others the unique skill of lettering and modern calligraphy. Amanda is also the founder of Calligraphers of Color which was founded in July 2019. It is an inclusive online community that provides resources for and highlights minority calligraphers and their businesses."

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Amanda, tell us more about your professional background and your mission as a creative entrepreneur...

"Hey! I’m Amanda, the creator of Amanda Reid Designs and founder of Calligraphers of Color. I have been painting and creating for over 10 years, but fell in love with calligraphy and lettering in 2015 after taking a few classes to DIY my own wedding! It was a love at first sight kind of thing.

A fun fact about me is that during the day I work in the clinic and hospital setting as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Yep you heard right…a PT by day, and a calligrapher by night (and weekends…and my days off…). I think working with patients allows me to have such an attention for detail, which definitely translates to my work as a calligrapher, making sure all of my clients receive nothing but the best from me.

I started Calligraphers of Color in July 2019 after realizing there was a lack of diversity in the calligraphy industry. I was not able to find any prominent calligraphers or educators that looked like me and I was the only black calligrapher in all of the workshops I attended. Even when I would search black calligraphers or calligraphers of color on social media, nothing would come up, except for photos of calligraphy in black and white. I decided to change that by creating an Instagram page called Calligraphers of Color and I became very intentional about seeking minority calligraphers in the industry."

How long have you been in business?

"1.5 years"

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Amanda, what do you love most about what you do?

"The three pillars of my business is CREATIVITY, COMMUNITY, and INSPIRATION. And my favorite of the three pillars is COMMUNITY! Whether it is with my own clients, local networking groups, or with our community of calligraphers from around the world, there is something amazing about bringing people together, despite our differences, to learn something new or create something beautiful. I also love getting responses from calligraphers of color when they find our community and seeing their excitement. The number one message I receive when minority calligraphers find our page is, "I had no idea this page existed! I feel like I am home!"

How many creatives are in the COC community? Is it members only or open to all calligraphers?

"While Calligraphers of Color does highlight and feature all minority calligraphers and their businesses, our community is inclusive and open to all. We have over 9,300 followers on Instagram, and over 500 members in our Facebook group! As of now there is no official "membership". It is an open community for all to learn, share, and collaborate."

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How do calligraphers of color who would like to be featured get in touch?

Calligraphers of Color who are looking to be featured can email

Provide a link to your IG handle and any other platforms:

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A message from Amanda:

"As we continue to learn and grow, I encourage everyone to have an open mind and heart as we seek to find ways to be an inclusive community, even among calligraphers and artists."

If you would like to collaborate or support Calligraphers of Color in anyway, feel free to reach out to Amanda directly via email:


Maryssa Souza

Owner | Lead Planner | Event Designer

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