Diversity in the Wedding Industry

“If we have an industry based on love then it needs show more than one version of it.” @hakeemandjasmine

The lack of diversity in the wedding industry is REAL.

  1. Big corporate companies that we idolize in the wedding industry need to step up. A few of them have, but a few have stayed silent which says more to me than anything else. I will not be supporting these large corporations or blogs anymore.

  2. Black wedding vendors are not promoted nearly as much as white owned wedding businesses.

  3. POC and biracial couples are not represented equally in marketing ads, blog features or magazine spreads.

Articles that shine a light on the lack of diversity in the wedding industry and how we can become more inclusive:

Here are the steps I am taking to diversify my business moving forward.

Action items:

  1. Prioritize it. Make the time every day to be better and promote change because it starts with me.

  2. Take a course with an anti-racist educator.

  3. Announce to my team, clients and community that diversity and inclusion is a top priority for my business.

  4. Create a diverse network in my personal life and expanding my friendship groups.

  5. Change my hiring process. I truly believe a more diverse team involved in the daily decision making of my business will benefit the way I run my business.

  6. Speak directly to diverse clients in my marketing. Create content that includes the experience of marginalized communities.

I hope you will join me in taking steps toward being actively anti-racist in your business and daily life.


Maryssa Souza

Owner | Lead Planner

Save the Date Weddings & Events

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