COVID-19 Wedding Postponement Tips

In an effort to help couples without a planner who are having to postpone their weddings due to Coronavirus, we have put together a quick and easy guide with our top 7 tips. Let us navigate you through the entire process.

  1. Reach out to your venue for alternative available dates. After you receive a list of potential dates from your venue, choose two that you would prefer.

  2. Contact all of your vendors to see if they are available on either of your preferred dates.

  3. Know your venue and vendors postponement policies and be prepared for postponement fees. Be sure to ask your venue and vendors if they will charge a postponement fee. Make sure to review any revised contracts and look out for any new policies they may have added in regards to pandemics before signing new agreements.

  4. Contact your family and friends to see if majority of them can attend on either date.

  5. Even if you are hopeful that you will still be able to move forward with your original date, it's encouraged that you put a soft hold on a future date as a backup plan. This will also give you peace of mind until you're ready to make a final decision on your wedding date. Once a new date is decided, be sure to get updated contracts from each vendor.

  6. Know that it’s totally normal to feel disappointed and sad about postponing. You've dreamed about this date for months and likely already have it inscribed all over your stationery and signage. You're doing the right thing by postponing and keeping your guests safe. The big day will be WORTH THE WAIT!

  7. Still do something special together on your original wedding date!! Your original wedding date will always be a milestone in your relationship and a date to remember. We recommend celebrating with an intimate dinner, or go to the courthouse to mark the occasion, officially! And leave the BIG party for a later date.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Our goal is to make sure every couple going through this right now feels supported during this tough times.

Save the Date is offering a Crisis Management Package for engaged couples without a planner who do not have time to coordinate the postponement of their upcoming weddings. This planning package is FREE for all essential workers. We know times are tough financially for everyone right now, and if you're an essential worker you likely don't have the time or energy to re-plan your entire wedding.

There is a small coordination fee of $300 for non-essential workers. However, half of the fee goes toward supporting our small business and the other half of the fee will be donated to the charity, foundation, or person(s) in need of YOUR CHOICE!

You do not have to be Sonoma County based to benefit from the Crisis Management Package. We can help you wherever you are in the world.

Let us handle the details. Even though you've been presented with this challenge, you deserve a stress-free planning experience, now more than ever. We are here to help you through it!

Pause. Postpone. Please don't cancel.


Maryssa Souza

Owner | Lead Planner

Save the Date Weddings & Events

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