Vendor Spotlight: Aesthetics y Flores

Who is Aesthetics y Flores?

Tamara is a licensed esthetician offering sugaring hair removal; which is a more gentle form of epilation performed with the use of a natural paste made of sugar, lemon, and water. Organic facial treatments; using and carrying Free + True and Dawn Lorraine skincare lines; both locally made in California plus both lines are green and sustainable. She also offers eyelash extensions; classic and hybrid (mixed) sets.

About Tamara and how she got started:

The owner, Tamara Flores, is a 28-year-old business woman who moved to the US from Mexico a little over 10 years ago. After transferring to CSULB from the SRJC in 2017, Tamara changed out of her Sociology major looking to do something that she felt more passionate about. Her plan was to work multiple jobs and then backpack through Mexico but everything changed when a friend asked her if she had thought about becoming an esthetician. Tamara decided to continue her journey into esthetics after graduating from the Cinta Aveda Institution SF in October 2018. Tamara had her challenges getting started because of the compacted industry. But finally, by February 2019, she became a certified lash artist which is how her solo business started. She loves being her own boss and working with other companies that share her same values.

How long have they been in business and where is the studio located?

Aesthetics y Flores has been in business for a little over a year; March 11 was the 1 year anniversary. They are located at 800 Baywood Drive, Suite C, Petaluma, CA.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

"I love the fact that I can make my lovely clients feel good about themselves and I never rushed my process. Many have mentioned that other waxing places rush the process and the processionals never really double check their work or take care of the ingrown hairs; that is probably my favorite part! I love extractions! Also, I love the fact that I am one of the few bilingual estheticians in the area; I have the most fun when I get to provide services to my clients' moms or tias. I also enjoy when my clients listen and follow my homecare recommendations: this makes me feel valuable as a skincare provider and I love seeing my clients' results." ~ Tamara, Owner & Esthetician

What is "sugaring" for those who have not yet heard of it?

Tamara is 2x certified in sugaring by Sweet and True Co. (Walnut Creek, CA).

Body sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal using a completely natural paste made from lemon, sugar, and water. This hand technique allows for the hair to be extracted from the direction of its growth (unlike waxing), meaning less breakage and discomfort for you. Some of the benefits include: Gentle exfoliation, improving skin texture and tone. Less painful than waxing. Great for sensitive skin. Safe for eczema and psoriasis. Fewer ingrown hairs. 100% sanitary. Smoother, longer lasting-results.

How long has Tamara been a lash technician?

Tamara has been a certified lash tech for a little over a year and received certification by a local Sonoma County artist.

What services of yours would you suggest for Bride's with upcoming weddings to get that bridal "glow"?

"My anti-aging facial is my most popular skincare treatment! It combines a firming + photomasque for softer looking skin plus red LED therapy to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, refine pores and stimulate collagen production. I also implement the use of cold rollers to depuff and calm any visible redness, inflammation or acne. I'd recommend getting this service at least a week prior any big event, such as your wedding day, to give your skin time to breath and be naturally glowy.

I would also recommend getting a Brazilian sugaring service with a hydrojelly mask as an add-on; this mask is full of active ingredients and we well target any skin concern like hyperpigmentation or ingrown hair. This is definitely my most popular treatment; sugaring will leave your skin smooth, soft to the touch and with less to no irritation or ingrown hairs unlike waxing or shaving. A couple of weeks after completing the service, you will notice a difference in the amount hair growth and how much thinner your hair will be." ~ Tamara, Owner & Esthetician

What makes your business stand out from others?

"My clients appreciate me caring for them; I am pretty good at double checking and follow up after completing facial services or after any first-time sugaring services. I pride myself of being a Spanish-speaker and to provide everyone with a safe space to receive services in either English or Spanish." ~ Tamara, Owner & Esthetician

One last tidbit from Tamara:

"If you have questions about any of my services feel free to reach out!


Social media handle: @aestheticsyflores


Find me on Google for more information and reviews.

Plus, I have a section on my website on what to expect before and after any service."

~ Tamara, Owner & Esthetician


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