30th Birthday Surprise: Bodega Bay Picnic

Recently, about a month ago, my husband turned 30 years young!

On Sunday, October 4th, I surprised him with a romantic picnic set up and photo session at Portuguese Beach in Bodega Bay. I did end up telling him that we were going to be taking some nice photos at the beach so he would get a haircut and get dressed up! But he had NO idea about the picnic.

The amazing picnic fairy-godmother herself, Krystina of Eleven West, came and set up the beautiful table design, pillows, blankets and goodies for us to enjoy on the bluff overlooking Bodega Bay. It was the most perfect, private and scenic location.

As we walked up to the picnic area, my husband looked at me and said "Wow, look at that set up! Looks like a dream date from that show "The Bachelor"! Haha, and little did he know it was all set up for him. When I told him it was for him he was blown away. I couldn't recommend doing this for your loved one enough, it felt so good to make him feel special for the night! We ate off a beautiful Charcuterie board and a plate of delicious cookies that Krystina set up for us, and then I brought a bottle of our wedding wine that we thoroughly enjoyed!

Magdalena Stefanek Photography did an amazing job capturing the entire date from start to finish! After our picnic, we walked down to the beach, danced on the sand and even played in the water a bit! It was a refreshing, fun and beautiful way for us to reconnect and laugh together.

Spontaneous date night and couples photo session comes highly recommended!


Huge thank you to the dream team that made it all happen:

Charcuterie: @honeybrienapa

Flowers: @bellevuefloralco

Picnic: @eleven_west_

Photos: @magdalenastefanekphoto

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